False Reality

by Tea Break

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Melody Makers Music


released December 10, 2005

music & lyrics by Tea Break
Recorded at Serafimi studio, Belgrade

Produced, mixed & engineered by Dino Dolnicar & Tea Break
Mastered by Srdjan Nikasinovic

Special guest stars:
Milosh (Tibia), "Can't Change The World"
Pedja (No Comply), "Neverland"
Shone (Barfly), supporting with back vocals

Cover layout by subZero
Photo by Marko Krunic

Tea Break would like to thank our families, all the bands that we have played with and all the people who came to our shows and who have contributed this release.

Booking and contact: teabreakmanagement@gmail.com




all rights reserved


Tea Break Београд, Serbia

Tea Break is a prominent punk rock band from Belgrade, Serbia, playing since 2001. Through the years they've developed a unique style of punk rock which can be easily described as a ground on which “Rise Against” meets “One Dollar Short” & "Bodyjar". Colorful and emotional lyrics floating along with screaming and singing backing vocals is the main characteristic of Tea Break’s performance. ... more

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Track Name: Before My Eyes

It happened before
I'm getting so anxious
And I'm losing my control
My fear is concealed deep inside
But I can feel its presence right now
They're putting the blindfold on my eyes
They're taking away my own past
They're holding me tight
And they're tearing me apart

Don't wanna hear
Don't wanna see
Don't wanna be what you want me to be
Just follow your heart
You know you will win

It happened before
I'm getting so close
To something I can't achieve
It's always before my eyes
And I'm asking you why?
They're putting the blindfold on my eyes
They're taking away my whole past
They're holding me tight
And they're tearing me apart
Track Name: 3 Days

Three days of
Looking for last hope
I've been trying every night
To runaway, I might
Lose my head, I know
You're the one who makes me flow
Through the land of world's big lies
I'm the one that you despise

I wanted to define
Wanted to define
Wanted to define
What's inside your mind
I'm standing in a line
There's nothing to be found
I wanted to define
What's making me decline
Track Name: Rhetoric

Am I living your life again?
Is this the ending of your lifetime story?
I keep telling you it's not the way
It's so rhetoric I don't want it at all

Your eyes, I'll never see again
Your eyes are so far away
Your eyes are wider than the sky
Your eyes will never see me cry

Am I dreaming alone again?
These empty rooms are killing me so slowly
I keep telling you I'm not OK
It's so rhetoric you don't know it at all
Track Name: It's Not So Far...

There's a war inside your head
You don't wanna listen at all
I just want to tell you what is right
But you don't want me to help you out
No one is good enough
No one can bring you luck
Everyday there's a new salvation
But you are turning your back

I know you will say
It's so far away
It's always in front of you
And we know it will be true!

There's a voice inside your head
It's telling you to go too far
You're making too much pressure on yourself
Everything is fading now
No one is good enough
No one can bring you luck
Everyday there's a new salvation
But you are turning your back

It's not so far away,
You can get it everyday...
Track Name: Gray (False Reality)

Your excuse is the only way
I don't see another day
We're living false reality
You're painting picture of our land
There're no faces of my friends
All I see is emptiness

You make
Everything so gray
The shades are moving fast
It's false reality
You make
Everything so gray
The change is relative
It's false reality

You got your system, I got mine too
I built it all because of you
Can't you see, I'm breaking through
No need to tolerate your moves
No explanations in return
All I see is perfect doom
Track Name: You Don't Care

It's alright
You don't have to give up your fight
It's OK
No one is asking you to stay

It's too wrong
You've been waiting for me too long
To suffer inside
Pain is what I wanna hide

Now you wanna say goodbye
Leaving everything behind
You don't care about
Our lives at all!
Track Name: Stranger No 1

Do you care
About the future, about your life?
It's not the time
For being selfish, being blind
I know that I will learn from my mistakes
I give my best, although I know it's just a test

I'm stranger, stranger
I'm not feeling fine
Stranger, stranger
Take a look inside!

Do you know
That I'm the one who's by your side
You are the one
Responsible for all your lies
I know that I will learn from my mistakes
I give my best, although I know it's just a test
Track Name: The Short One

I always wanted to...
I always wanted to...
I always wanted to be alone!

I never cared about you
I never criticized you
I never cared about your ignorance!

But I won't deny
I wont' deny what you say
I won't deny
There can be no lie...
Track Name: Shine

What is wrong, what is right
You are telling me tonight
But you're blind...
What you see is part of me
Can it be a victory
For you and me?

So please understand
Just go away

I wanna shine
I wanna rise
I wanna see it by my side
I want to hide it deep inside
And you will never rip it out
It's something you will never know!

You don't believe, you never care
And you're afraid to be a friend
I know...
What you can feel may drift away
You've tried to break me and make me pay
But not today!
Track Name: Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world, going nowhere, far away from home
What is your position, what makes you live
Do you feel your body deep inside of me

No one else is gone
I am left all alone
This night will be
Some special, slow dying
So, close my eyes
And burn my smile

I leave this world behind, loving no one,
Fear, it makes me cry
Welcome to my world, going nowhere,
And now it's gone for sure

Last few months I spent whining about my past instead of looking for salvation in my own words spoken a long time ago. The only way to satisfy your life is not to think about what's behind you but what's before you. This is my world with no entrance and you cannot go in, you're already in, waiting for someone you'll never see. Don't regret, respect yourself...
Track Name: Absolute End

I never wonder
Why everything is so fake
Maybe that's because
I never really care
I can be so perfect today
And I won't feel the pain

I don't know
What's going on inside your head
I don't care
If you reach the absolute end

I'm leaving all behind
My self-control has failed again
Maybe that's because
I'm sick and tired of waiting
I could be so peaceful today
But I won't feel the pain
Track Name: Can't Change The World
feat Milosh Curcija (Tibia)

If you were the one
Who hides the truth
Who owns the power
To rule the world
But I will ignore
Your mighty score
And make you see
You're in misery

Can't change the world
Can't change myself
Can't change the day we're living
Can't change the world
Can't change my faith
Can't change the sun you're staring at

You'll never break my bones
You'll never see me cry
I know you'll give up trying
The time is by my side
Track Name: To The Edge

Someone tries to pull me down
Someone tries to pull you down
False control is all they've got
But I just want to cross that line
I choose to refuse
I live to be free
I choose not to lose
My own liberty

I'm close to the edge
Head through the wall
I'm close to the edge
Like I've never been before!

It's the silence
You don't wanna hear
It's the place
You don't wanna see
I'm close to the edge
Head through the wall
I'm close to the edge...!!!
Track Name: Screamager
written by A.J.Cairns (Therapy?)

With a face like this
I won't break any hearts
And thinking like that
I won't make any friends

Screw that
Forget about that
I don't want to think about anything like that

Screw that
Forget about that
I don't want to know about anything like that

I've got nothing to do but hang around and get screwed up on you

Your beauty makes me feel alone
I look inside but no one's home
Track Name: Neverland

You can't hide from reality
Your life is insignificant
You always wanted to be someone else
And I know you're pushin'it so hard
I wonder how long can it be
You're losing friends
And it could be me
You walk alone and noone follows you
Don't be surprised when you fall behind

I was looking into your eyes
I can't believe, it was only your disguise
I was calling you a friend
So much about the friendship
In your neverland